Gen-7: Less Is More

The Generation 7 car for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series has now taken on a new life as an all-encompassing massive change for the organization. Beyond the cars, it is re-evaluating the schedule, how long races are, and many other changes.

While I am on board with many of the ideas that have floated around the garage, I’m hoping the motto of this change is a simple one. Less is more.

Less races will allow the remaining ones to mean more. Less distance in most races should lead to every lap counting that much more. Less night races will make the remaining ones that much more special. Less cuts to in-car cameras will allow when it happens to mean more.

The problem with NASCAR since the 2000s was that anything that worked got drilled into the ground thinking it would keep the good times going. Everything was done to excess and the sport suffered rather than thrived.

I am very hopeful that the leadership now is not all talk, but understands it has lost its way. The best course of action will be to do less to make it seem like more.