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Cup Series Charter Flow Chart

Will all the wheeling and dealing (pun intended) of Charters, I pieced together this picture (below, click to expand into a readable size) of how they have all sorted out since 2015. There is one wildcard left, Rick Ware Racing (RWR) recently boasted about having two charters. What is not known is where they got them from and if they purchased or leased them. My theory, based on how things have gone down, is that they will purchase one charter from Richard Petty Motorsports (RPM) and lease or purchase one from Front Row Motorsports (FRM). Continue reading “Cup Series Charter Flow Chart”

Silly Season Is Kicking Up A Gear

The 2018 edition of NASCAR Silly Season is not disappointing with the number of far fetching rumors that have actually found out to be true. There are still a lot of open seats and plenty of drivers trying to get their plans in line for 2019 and beyond. Here’s a quick look at some of the openings out there and what is rumored to be happening. Continue reading “Silly Season Is Kicking Up A Gear”

Ratings Roundup: NASCAR’s First Quarter of the 2018 Season

To say that the 2017 NASCAR season was a disappointment in the TV ratings category would be an understatement. Despite the season getting off to a relatively decent start, with the 2017 Daytona 500 seeing a viewership increase over 2016, most of the season saw TV audience declines from 2016. In total, 26 of the 36 championship races in the Cup schedule saw a decline in TV viewership. To make matters worse, of the 10 races that saw viewership increases, five of them were up because the 2016 edition of the race was rain impacted (Texas 1, Pocono 1, Pocono 2, Bristol 2, Texas 2), and two more were races moved from cable to broadcast (Indianapolis, Talladega 2). In total, only three Cup championship races saw increases in viewership over 2016: the Daytona 500, Richmond 1 (moved to Sunday), and the Martinsville Playoff race. Suffice it to say, the 2017 season was not a kind one to NASCAR’s major broadcast partners, NBC and FOX. Continue reading “Ratings Roundup: NASCAR’s First Quarter of the 2018 Season”

Post Daytona Thoughts

Before I jump into what I thought about the action is past weekend at Daytona, I have to do some house cleaning first. With this site I’ve admittedly neglected it over the past year. Without diving too  much into, I needed a break and needed to re-find my focus on what I wanted to do with Start ‘N’ Park Blog. When I started this many years ago the mission was simple, give unfiltered opinions. Then I tried to be an information hub re-posting press releases, which was fine but a lot of work. These teams put out a lot of press releases beyond the news. Then I became unfocused and drifted around until taking a break last year. Continue reading “Post Daytona Thoughts”

Engine Rule Misses The Point

NASCAR once again came up with a new rule that misses the point on what it is trying to prevent.

Enter starting next season Cup teams will have to use 13 engines during the year for two full race weekends. The rule, which sounds on the surface to be a cost savings measure for teams, actually seems designed to keep drivers from “burning it down” after victories. Continue reading “Engine Rule Misses The Point”

The Road Course Ringer Myth

There’s this myth that comes around NASCAR twice a year during the Cup Series schedule. That myth is if you get yourself a “road course ringer,” you’ll have instant success in the race. Well that’s not been the case more often than not and it’s actually surprising to me that this is still a thing.

Working against the road course specialist is how the Cup Series is structured now with 36 charters in play. Because of this guaranteed spot, it’s harder than ever for good and competitive rides to be open and available for someone to jump in once or twice in a given year. Usually the driver of the car is too tied to the sponsor that they cannot step away, or they might be in the thick of the championship battle. Continue reading “The Road Course Ringer Myth”