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Hermie Sadler Could Have Gone Cup Racing In 1995

Driver Hermie Sadler on Pit Stop with Motte speaks about turning down an offer to drive for Bud Moore Engineering for the 1995 Cup Series season. Owner Bud Moore would instead sign Dick Trickle to run that season, but within two years the team would fold.

Irvan Was On Cusp Of Greatness

It’s unfortunate that life has a way of derailing things and you’re left to look at what was and think of what could have been. This ‘what if’ game is one I play often when it comes to NASCAR. If this or that happened, what would have been the immediate impact/result and what would have been the long term result? Continue reading “Irvan Was On Cusp Of Greatness”

Paying Points For Daytona Qualifying Races Is Nothing New

If you let time go on long enough, things tend to repeat themselves. We see this in movies, music, and of course NASCAR. While NASCAR is not trading in the 1.5-mile paved tracks for .5-mile dirt tracks, it is going into the past by awarding points for this year’s Daytona qualifying races. Continue reading “Paying Points For Daytona Qualifying Races Is Nothing New”

Jeff Gordon Flashback: The Daytona 500

The year 2015 marks the final full-time season from Jeff Gordon, who will undoubtedly go down as one of the best drivers in NASCAR history. While it is sad to think Gordon will be done after this season, the good news is we can spend the whole season celebrating his career. Odds are good we could see Gordon drive in the Sprint Cup Series after 2015, but when it comes to Daytona it is a big NO to running here again. “I definitely won’t be running another restrictor plate race,” Gordon told media members last week. Continue reading “Jeff Gordon Flashback: The Daytona 500”