Biffle Looking To Keep Up In The Chase


Greg Biffle was coming fast at the end of last week’s Sylvania 300 from the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. If there was 20 or so more laps, he could have gotten up there and mixed it up with Kyle Busch and winner Matt Kenseth.

While it wasn’t a victory last weekend, merely a third place finish, Biffle comes into Dover this weekend knowing momentum is on his side. He’s been able to climb up to fifth place in the standings and wants to chip away at the 38 point advantage Kenseth has on him.

He was none too happy when it was suggested to him that it’s a three man race for the title (Kenseth, Busch, and Jimmie Johnson) at this point. Biffle said:

“The Chase, from what I understand, is made up of 10 races and to be two races into the Chase and say it’s a three-man race already, to me, seems silly as to why somebody would want to put themselves in that position and say it’s a three-man race.  Obviously, you don’t have anything on the line.  It’s not like we’re making a wager in Vegas that it’s a three-man race.  It’s somebody’s opinion and everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but I can’t imagine with eight races to go that somebody would be willing to say, ‘Oh, this is a three-man race.’  Take for instance last week, we finished third and moved up six spots in the points to fifth.  I don’t know how one would say it’s a three-man race.”

There’s one big wildcard coming up in the schedule and that’s Talladega.

“Now, if we get past Talladega and there are four races to go or three races to go, I could see that.  But they could break for three races in a row and maybe not even go to Vegas and not even be in the top 10.  So I’d say it’s a little early,” commented Biffle.

The trick with the Chase is having a teammate who is going for the same title you’re going for. Biffle knows that while he wants to win, not doing anything to jeopardize his teammate’s (Carl Edwards) chances is just as important.

“Carl and I have a lot of respect for each other.  We had an incident earlier in the season at Michigan where the whole organization sat down and I think we understand each other and appreciate each other’s abilities a lot more since that meeting and we kind of do what we can to help one another that doesn’t hurt yourself and that’s what came out of that meeting in Sonoma after the Michigan race and that’s the way we’ve really handled it since then.  Carl and I are parked next to each other in the garage and we’re talking about our cars and competition and how our car is in race trim versus qualifying trim, so we share everything and try to help one another with what we can,” Biffle explained.

The AAA 400 from the Dover International Speedway gets underway at 2:00 PM EST and can be seen on ESPN Sunday afternoon.