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Kyle Busch Disappointed With Fifth At Dover



After finishing the first two Chase races in second place, the expectation for Kyle Busch and his team was to get past second and into Victory Lane. That was not the case for Busch, as his efforts ended with a fifth place finish.

Despite finishing fifth, Busch dropped from second in points to third. He did gain two points on leader Matt Kenseth, but race winner Jimmie Johnson moved ahead of him.

“We were about a fifth to seventh-place car much of the day and we ended up fifth.  The Interstate Batteries Camry got what it could out of it.  Certainly, I wish we definitely could’ve gotten more.  We probably could’ve if I could’ve got the outside lane on the final restart I probably could’ve finished third, but we didn’t get that.  We had to fight through it and pass a couple cars the hard way and we ended up fifth.  It’s certainly the finish that our car was today.  It’s frustrating to be fifth, but yet you look at the grand scheme of things and it’s three straight top-fives to start the Chase so not bad,” Busch told reporters after the race.

For Busch, the car was just off a little bit across the board. There wasn’t one thing about it Busch could isolate as the issue.

“A little bit of everywhere.  I mean, we had fought the same exact things in practice.  We didn’t make any gains on it really this weekend, which is frustrating, but yet we knew we had a good car.   We had a top-five — fifth to seventh place actually. We got a fifth out of it, so we got the most of what we could with the Interstate Batteries Camry today.  Thank M&M’s, Toyota, Monster Energy, but it’s three straight top-fives to start the Chase.  It’s certainly appealing and you could be happy with it, but we’re a little disappointed at the same time.  We felt like we wanted to come in here, we wanted to run better, we could run better here, we have before and just could never really get the feel that I was looking for the whole weekend with the front tires,” explained Busch.

Crew chief Dave Rogers isn’t discouraged by Sunday’s results. “I think last year we proved ourselves and our fans that we can perform in these final 10, so you come into the Chase –obviously, winning the number of races we did, leading the number of laps we did this season, knowing we performed well the final 10 last season — you come into the Chase with a lot of confidence, a lot of momentum and it helps to have your teammate, the 20 car (Matt Kenseth), up there running too because it just emphasizes that you’ve got the equipment.  When two cars can do it out of the same stable, that shows that your Toyotas are really fast and that gives you even more confidence.”

Next up is the Hollywood Casino 400 is next up from the Kansas Speedway for the Sprint Cup Series. The action gets underway Sunday, October 6th, at 2:00 PM EST and can be seen live on ESPN.