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Kenseth Concerned About Test Results



Despite putting up the 13th best lap, Matt Kenseth and his Joe Gibbs Racing team did not sound happy about what they learned during Thursday’s test session at the Kansas Speedway. You’d think the driver who’s won the last two races at the track would be excited out there. Instead with a new tire, Kenseth was not happy.

“I would have rather left everything alone for us (regarding the new tire), especially after today.  Today was a struggle.  I was glad we got the extra practice and of course tomorrow is a new day and we’ve got a lot of stuff to look at it, but today was kind of a struggle. Whenever anything is working good for you, you kind of like to leave everything the same.  But, yeah, when you come back, it’s the same for everybody and you’ve just got to figure it out,” Kenseth told media after the test.

Being concerned is natural for Kenseth, but he was looking at the silver lining of Friday being a new day.

“I heard after (Dale Earnhardt) Junior won the pole last week that he called me a ‘worrywart,’ so if that’s the case then I’m concerned.  I’m always concerned about everything.  I really am a worrier, but, no, I’m not really that concerned.  We had a lot of things we wanted to do today and we didn’t get any of them done or very many of them done because we sort of struggled today.  I always wish it would have been more of a productive day, but on the other hand I think we can be thankful it was free test day and we can start over tomorrow.”

If needed, Kenseth and his crew don’t need to use the car they had out there on Thursday. They could opt for another car, but that was something Kenseth wouldn’t divulge.

“I can’t give away strategy secrets.  You’ll have to watch it the whole time.  I don’t know what he’s (Jason Ratcliff, crew chief) going to do.  He was planning on running this one, but the way it ran today he might change his mind.  I don’t really know because I came straight over here, so honestly I’m not really sure.”

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