2014 Start ‘N’ Park Blog Plans


This post will be a quick recap about the exciting new features that Start ‘N’ Park Blog will feature for this new NASCAR season, along with items that were introduced before the end of 2013 without much announcement, and a few other general house cleaning issues.

New features for this year:

Retro Racing – A look back at historical races, moments, drivers, and other stories from the past.

Collector’s Corner – A look at NASCAR collectables featuring Michael’s personal 1/64th scale collectable race car collections. Stories behind the cars, acquiring the cars, and other notes will be shared.

Inside Stat – Will provide coverage of NASCAR with a statistical flare. Whether it’s breaking down trends leading up to races or what just happened during a race weekend. Inside Stat will provide the analysis of all the action.

Pick ‘Em – The Start ‘N’ Park Blog Pick ‘Em is back with a new design and prizes for the winners. Now everything is in on the site and there’s no need to email picks in, you can go in, and make your picks.

Fan3Cast – The Start ‘N’ Park Blog Podcast will get a makeover for the new year. Podcasts will be more frequent and in a different format.

Power Rankings – Some new will be power ranks each week that will be based off of an overly complicated formula and observations.

Features started last year:

Race Forecast – On the main page of the site, you’ll now have the weather forecast of the next Sprint Cup Series race.

Race Weekend – On the main page of the site, you’ll now have a listing of what’s going on this weekend in NASCAR and what TV network you’ll be able to see it on.

New Menus – Revised menus for easier navigation. This includes news feed links for drivers (past and present), teams, and tracks.

Improved Logos – Despite how cool the old font was, the logos have been re-done for a cleaner look, and one that’s more identifiable from a distance.

Along with all that previews have gotten an overhaul as well for each race. Jason Schultz will assist again with posts, the podcast, and race recaps. Our goal is to get to a handful of races this year to continue to give you the coverage you want.