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Biffle/Stenhouse Accident Quotes


Greg Biffle: “Inside of the car I didn’t really know what happened. I just knew that the 47 got into us pretty hard and turned us into the fence. After watching the replay I see what happened. They were racing hard back there and he stuck it into a hole that maybe there wasn’t room for. There definitely wasn’t room come three-quarters of the way around the corner I guess and he slid off the bottom and got his right-rear caught by the 17 and up into us. It was a chain reaction. This place is tight and fast and when you get racing that hard back there on a restart stuff like that is going to happen.”

Ricky Stenhouse Jr.: “We were really loose. The 47 jumped to the inside of us there and I tried to stay out of his way and he got me. We met right-rear to left-front and it got him sideways and everything else happened after that. Our Nationwide Insurance Ford was really, really loose all race long and we were trying to hang on with it. We didn’t want it to end that way and we got our teammate caught up in it and tore up a lot of cars. That is now what we wanted to do. It is a tough end to our day. It is a bummer. We started the race so loose and we were hoping we could get it tightened up and be able to make some ground up but we were just really, really loose.”

-Ford Racing PR