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Edwards Talks Roush Changes And Ford


Carl Edwards touched on a many topics during his time with media members at the Pocono Raceway on Friday afternoon. Those included the direction of Roush Fenway Racing, the team he drives for and is rumored to be leaving after this season. He was also asked about Ford, his current manufacturer, which he responded upbeat about, but it has yet to be seen if he will drive for either in 2015 and beyond.

DO YOU FEEL LIKE ROUSH IS GOING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION? “Yeah, I feel like there have been a bunch of moves internally – there definitely will be changes at Roush Fenway Racing. Chip Bolen moving on is a huge change and shows you the magnitude – I guess we understand where we are at. We know we have to be faster and there are big changes trying to address that. Robbie, Bob Osborne, Jack, everyone is working as hard as we can and we just have to hope that we work on the right things and are able to implement the findings and be better. We have everything there, we just need this much more speed and we would be really good.”

CAN YOU TALK ABOUT YOUR CONFIDENCE IN FORD AND YOUR CONNECTION THERE? “As far as Ford, I am really proud to represent Ford. I don’t think anybody makes better cars than Ford does. I think they really care about their products and they definitely care about racing. It is part of their DNA. That is what we talk about. The company is based on auto racing. As far as their contribution to NASCAR, it is immense and right now yielding great results from the Penske side. I think as a group we have to step up our performance at Roush Fenway to be representative of Ford’s contribution. I am really proud to drive for Ford and I think they do a great job.”