Homestead Locking Up Season Finale A Bad Sign For New Schedule?

It was announced that the Ford Motor Company and Homestead-Miami Speedway have agreed to continue the Ford Championship Weekend through the 2019 season. This puts Homestead as the season finale for five more seasons and might dash the hopes of fans wanting big changes in the schedule.

This is a bit of an alarming situation, as this signals that NASCAR is willing to keep things going the same. Fans have requested that the season finale be rotated through tracks, like how the NFL plays its Super Bowl at different venues. Granted each NFL stadium should be the same as far as a playing surface for the participants, but moving it around would give fans of different regions the ability to come to the finale.

Having it move around would also change things up in the do or die season finale race. This way drivers who might be better at the 1.5 mile tracks could not be such shoe ins as other drivers. Depending on where they put the event it could be more exciting, or actually less exciting.

Homestead is not the worse place to end the season, just look at the 2011 finale between Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards, where they drove the wheels off of their cars all race long. How many other tracks could allow for that kind of action?

To me it just feels like NASCAR is settling in to keep things the same, after many rumors of a big schedule change for the 2015. I want to see some radical changes, and keeping the finale fixed at Homestead does not give me much hope.