Bobby Hillin Jr

usa United States
Full Name
Robert K Hillin Jr
Midland, TX
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Over the course of Hillin’s 17-year career, he made 334 Cup Series races and won once. At the time of his Talladega victory, he was the youngest modern era (1972-now) driver to win a Cup race at 22 years, 1 month, and 22 days. That was bested by Joey Logano in 2009, when he won at New Hampshire Speedway at 19 years and 35 days.

Hillin drove full seasons with Stavola Brothers Racing, Donalavey Racing, and Jasper Motorsports. He was more known for his subbing abilities, running one off (or more) races for Moroso Racing, Team SABCO, Robert Yates Racing, Cale Yarborough Motorsports, Bill Elliott Racing, and Melling Racing among others.

Currently, he is the CEO of T-Rex Engineering & Construction, which provides services to the Gulf of Mexico’s oil drilling industry.


07/21/1992 – Hillin is named relief driver for Davey Allison in the #28 Ford for Robert Yates Racing at Talladega (NASCAR Scene)

06/08/1992 – Doug Hewitt is named crew chief of the #31 Chevrolet for Team Ireland (NASCAR Scene)

Cup Series

SeasonTeamStartsPolesWinsTop5sTop10sLaps CompLaps LedRaces LedDNFDNQWD
1982Hillin Racing5000091700100
1983Hillin Racing120000279100420
1983U.S. Racing120000279100410
1984Stavola Brothers Racing160000345200710
1985Stavola Brothers Racing280005863622500
1986Stavola Brothers Racing29014148121254500
1987Stavola Brothers Racing2900146889111200
1988Stavola Brothers Racing2900179383704200
1989Stavola Brothers Racing2800178377264710
1990Stavola Brothers Racing2900148281605800
1991Moroso Racing100001371300100
1991Team SABCO80000132100100
1991Jimmy Means Racing2000056400000
1991Team Ireland20000554101110
1992Team Ireland110000214200210
1992Donlavey Racing1000023500100
1992Yarborough Burdette Racing1000039300000
1993Donlavey Racing300000834331900
1994Charles Hardy Racing4000068921210
1994Donlavey Racing30000104400000
1994Moroso Racing2000027400120
1995Jasper Motorsports180001441022420
1995Moroso Racing180001441022420
1996Jasper Motorsports250000667341650
1996Bill Elliott Racing1000049100000
1997Jasper Motorsports100000178200630
1997Triad Motorsports100000178200630
2000Melling Racing1000031400100