Derrike Cope

usa United States
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Derrike Wayne Cope
Spanaway, WA
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Derrike Cope is a former American professional stock car racing driver who currently is team manager for StarCom Racing. His nieces Amber Cope and Angela Ruch have also run races in NASCAR.

With a 31 year career running in the Cup Series, Cope is most famous for winning the 1990 Daytona 500 with Bob Whitcomb Racing. While he might have been a beneficiary of Dale Earnhardt’s lost tire, Cope was able to prove the win was no fluke by winning at Dover later in the career.

After leaving Whitcomb’s team, Cope made stops with Cale Yarborough Motorsports, Bobby Allison Motorsports, MB2 Motorsports, and Bahari Racing. After his release early in 1999, Cope never attempted a full schedule, rather running select races with various teams. Those include a few he’s been co-owner of.

Prior to the Cup Series, he was named 1984 K&N Pro Series West Rookie of the Year.


12/09/1998 – Dan Glauz is named crew chief for the #30 Pontiac for Bahari Racing and driver Derrike Cope in 1999

Cup Series

SeasonTeamStartsPolesWinsTop5sTop10sLaps CompLaps LedRaces LedDNFDNQWD
1982Jefferson Racing100004200100
1984Jefferson Racing3000037000100
1985Jefferson Racing2000020600000
1986Warren Razore50001110100210
1987Stoke Racing110000163100800
1988Testa Racing2600004772001610
1989Testa Racing3000045100310
1989Whitcomb Racing200004493153900
1990Whitcomb Racing290226796110961000
1991Whitcomb Racing2800126784001410
1992Whitcomb Racing290003848300600
1993Yarborough Burdette Racing3000018406383800
1994Yarborough Burdette Racing160000426171700
1994Bobby Allison Motorsports120002388941300
1994T.W. Taylor2000035600010
1995Bobby Allison Motorsports3100289335704500
1996Bobby Allison Motorsports29000373292821120
1997MB2 Motorsports310012855842610
1998Bahari Racing2810007526163940
1999Bahari Racing1100002403003110
1999Larry Hedrick Motorsports3000075800011
1999Bud Moore Engineering1000032800010
2000Bud Moore Engineering3000063800110
2001CLR Racing1000026300020
2001Derrike Cope Racing00000000030
2002BAM Racing50000115500200
2002Derrike Cope Racing2000034800130
2002CLR Racing00000000010
2003Derrike Cope Racing1800002897001281
2003Arnold Motorsports00000000010
2004Arnold Motorsports120000361200300
2004Mach 1 Motorsports5000040911500
2004SCORE Motorsports100003700100
2004Hover Motorsports00000000010
2004W.W. Motorsports00000000040
2005McGlynn Racing1000048800020
2005Rick Ware Racing00000000020
2005Hollenbeck Motorsports00000000010
2005Conely Racing00000000010
2006McGlynn Racing90000848007172
2006Front Row Motorsports00000000010
2007McGlynn Racing00000000012
2008Derrike Cope Racing00000000020
2009Max Q Motorsports100003100100
2009John Carter Racing00000000001
2009Derrike Cope Racing00000000061
2010Derrike Cope Racing00000000010
2011Derrike Cope Racing00000000010
2011Max Q Motorsports00000000010
2017Premium Motorsports130000334400300
2017StarCom Racing2000033700101
2018StarCom Racing3000064200100