Geoff Bodine

usa United States
Full Name
Geoffrey Edmond Bodine
Chemung, NY
Date of Birth
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Geoffrey Bodine is a retired American motorsport driver and bobsled builder. He is the oldest of the three Bodine brothers (with Brett Bodine and Todd Bodine). Bodine currently lives in West Melbourne, Florida.

Bodine’s racing career seemed to be on track right from the start as his father and grandfather, Eli Bodine Jr. and Sr. built Chemung Speedrome just a year after he was born. He began learning his racing skills at this track in the micro-midget division when he was only five years old. He had such an itch to race that he disguised himself as a lady and entered a Powderpuff Division Race when he was 15. In 2011, he drove for Tommy Baldwin Racing in the Sprint Cup Series, alternating between the Nos. 35 and 36 teams, with sponsorship from Luke & Associates.

Career Highlights

  • 1982 Rookie of the Year
  • 1986 Daytona 500 Winner
  • 1992 Daytona Clash Winner
  • 1994 NASCAR All-Star Race Winner

 Other Accomplishments

  • 1987 IROC Champion
Geoff Bodine  News
  • Brother – Brett Bodine
  • Brother – Todd Bodine

Cup Series

SeasonTeamStartPoleWinTop-5Top-10DNFLaps CompLead Lap FinLaps LedRaces LedDNQWD
1979No Team Data30000344306100
1981Multiple Teams500013945014200
1982Multiple Teams2520410965184118600
1983No Team Data28105915704244901300
1984Hendrick Motorsports30337148884866861200
1985Hendrick Motorsports2830101458719116921800
1986Hendrick Motorsports298210151277911116742500
1987Hendrick Motorsports292031010763863441400
1988Hendrick Motorsports2931101648995104641500
1989Hendrick Motorsports293191179051105101400
1990No Team Data2923111938852179762100
1991No Team Data27216127799771521200
1992No Team Data29027117822210474500
1993No Team Data3011299849661021100
1994No Team Data3153710158150817442000
1995No Team Data310014592571013400
1996Multiple Teams31012658918890700
1997No Team Data29203108822312671220
1998No Team Data320015108745533410
1999No Team Data3400126953569400
2000Multiple Teams14000062780420140
2001No Team Data20000075000000
2002Multiple Teams1000124183235120
2003No Team Data10000111900000
2004Multiple Teams50000353300042
2005No Team Data000000000010
2009No Team Data000000000022
2010Tommy Baldwin Racing1000012300000
2011Tommy Baldwin Racing40000377400040