J.D. McDuffie

usa United States
Full Name
John Delphus McDuffie Jr
Sanford, NC
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Date of Death
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J.D. McDuffie was an American stock car racing driver. He competed in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series from 1963 to 1991, collecting 106 top-10 finishes during his career and holding the record for most starts in NASCAR’s top level without a win with 653. He died in a racing accident during the Budweiser at The Glen at Watkins Glen International in 1991.



Cup Series

SeasonTeamStartsPolesWinsTop5sTop10sLaps CompLaps LedRaces LedDNFDNQWD
1963McDuffie Racing120003191800600
1966McDuffie Racing3600197172001520
1967McDuffie Racing1000013700100
1968McDuffie Racing3200095587001900
1969McDuffie Racing45000129156001720
1969No Team Data3000036000200
1969Langley Racing1000027700100
1969Spencer Racing1000038000000
1970McDuffie Racing35001108431001230
1970No Team Data100003000100
1971McDuffie Racing4000288724511920
1971No Team Data3000066500100
1972McDuffie Racing2400015444001140
1972No Team Data3001178700100
1973McDuffie Racing270031073881331000
1974McDuffie Racing3000078277111500
1975McDuffie Racing2500155687001100
1975No Team Data1000114500000
1976McDuffie Racing290018756500900
1976No Team Data1000038900100
1977McDuffie Racing3000048252111200
1978McDuffie Racing30101673001541100
1979McDuffie Racing3000067596731100
1979Vahsholtz Racing100114181111000
1980McDuffie Racing2900035749001310
1980Gray Racing1000015000100
1980U.S. Racing1000014500100
1981McDuffie Racing280001711082800
1982McDuffie Racing2800016162001400
1982Gordon Racing1000042200000
1982Junior Johnson & Associates1000011111000
1983McDuffie Racing2400005713001120
1983Gray Racing1000017700100
1984McDuffie Racing1600004064001070
1985McDuffie Racing2300004657001550
1986McDuffie Racing140000298211750
1986Winkle Motorsports60000176800300
1987McDuffie Racing140000240500991
1987U.S. Racing30000105400000
1988McDuffie Racing20000516111140
1989McDuffie Racing700001381005130
1990McDuffie Racing800001301006170
1991McDuffie Racing50000732003100