Kyle Petty

usa United States
Full Name
Kyle Eugene Petty
Randleman, NC
Date of Birth
First Year
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Career Overview

Being the son of Richard Petty put a lot of pressure on Kyle Petty to carve out his own career in NASCAR. While certainly not as successful as his father, the younger Petty made his own way over the course of his 30 year career on the track and continues to be associated with NASCAR doing television now that his driving days are done.

He started out running for his family’s Petty Enterprises, running primarily there for the first six seasons of his career. Even after his father left for Mike Curb’s team, Kyle tried keeping the Petty team afloat.

When that became a futile endeavor, he joined up with the Wood Brothers, where he captured his first win in spectacular fashion at the old Richmond Fairgrounds in 1986. He rolled the dice when he left the legendary Wood Brothers in favor of an eccentric entrepreneur named Felix Sabates.

The pairing of Sabates and Petty struck gold early. After running a partial schedule in 1989, the duo ran the full 1990 season picking up a win at Rockingham. In 1991 looked to be their year, as they won again at Rockingham early in the season, but an accident at Talladega caused a broken leg to Petty. Missing most of the season to recover, all focus was put on the 1992 season.

While it was a Ford dominated year, the Team SABCO Pontiac stayed in the title fight all the way to the last race, with Petty winning twice that year. In 1993, again Petty was a title contender for most of the season. After that season, the magic seemed to wear off and by 1996 Petty left SABCO.

For the 1997 season Petty came home to Petty Enterprises, although he ran under the PE2 banner (Petty Enterprises 2). There were decent runs to be had, but nothing quite like what he experienced earlier in the decade. It was at this time too he began grooming his son, Adam Petty, for NASCAR stardom.

Sadly that all ended in 2000 when a practice crash too the life of the 20-year old fourth generation driver. Kyle took time to grieve and only attempted 22 races that season. He continued to run full seasons until 2007 when he took a mid-season break to provide commentary on the handful of races seen on TNT. In 2008, the last year of Petty Enterprises, Petty only ran 17 times before being replaced and never driving again.

Teams Driven For

  • Petty Enterprises 1979-1984, 1997-2008
  • RahMoc Enterprises 1980
  • Ellington Racing 1982
  • Wood Brothers Racing 1985-1988
  • Team SABCO 1989-1996
  • Team Penske 2000


  • Career start 1 – 1979 race 20 Talladega
  • Career start 100 – 1983 race 20 Michigan
  • Career start 200 – 1987 race 3 Richmond
  • Career start 300 – 1990 race 26 Charlotte
  • Career start 400 – 1994 race 20 Watkins Glen
  • Career start 500 – 1997 race 31 Phoenix
  • Career start 600 – 2001 race 23 Michigan
  • Career start 700 – 2004 race 22 Watkins Glen
  • Career start 800 – 2007 race 20 Indianapolis
  • Career start 829 – 2008 race 35 Phoenix (Last)
  • Career pole 1 – 1990 race 3 Rockingham
  • Career pole 8 – 1993 race 1 Daytona (Last)
  • Career win 1 – 1986 race 2 Richmond
  • Career win 8 – 1995 race 12 Dover (Last)


  • 1987 Coca-Cola 600 Winner

Cup Series

SeasonTeamStartPoleWinTop-5Top-10DNFLaps CompLead Lap FinLaps LedRaces LedDNQWD
1979Petty Enterprises500011106900010
1980Multiple Teams1500065372200010
1981Petty Enterprises3100110187402320300
1982Multiple Teams290024166414213301
1983Petty Enterprises300002108345113500
1984Petty Enterprises3000167840022100
1985Wood Brothers Racing280071248796575600
1986Wood Brothers Racing290141468546717600
1987Wood Brothers Racing29016144852310103700
1988Wood Brothers Racing29002868883567300
1989No Team Data19001575207216120
1990No Team Data292121458795108521200
1991No Team Data182124566222553700
1992No Team Data29329175905815970800
1993No Team Data301191559259115261300
1994No Team Data3100273908577200
1995No Team Data3001151081277311410
1996No Team Data28000248081472510
1997Petty Enterprises3200292919113210600
1998Petty Enterprises3300028846470000
1999Petty Enterprises320009487081211420
2000Multiple Teams1900016498838240
2001Petty Enterprises24000085026211120
2002Petty Enterprises3600011104231422400
2003Petty Enterprises3300005922463320
2004Petty Enterprises35000099088106210
2005Petty Enterprises36000231032115141200
2006Petty Enterprises360002510160124400
2007Petty Enterprises29001148237713800
2008Petty Enterprises1500001475910020