Bill Davis Racing

Bill Davis Racing was a racing team that participated in all three of NASCAR’s top divisions until 2009.

The team had run Toyota-branded stock cars and trucks in the Camping World Truck Series (Toyota Tundra) since 2004 and Sprint Cup Series (Toyota Camry) since 2007. Dodge, Pontiac and Ford previously backed the team. The team was notable for running the No. 22 since its inception and its long relationship with Caterpillar, Inc.. BDR was competitive throughout the 1990s and early 2000s with Ward Burton before fading due to an increase in competition and a fallout with manufacturer Dodge. The team was sold to Triad Racing Technologies in late 2008, which shut down the team’s racing entries and now produces engines and chassis for various Toyota NASCAR teams.

All Time Stats

DriverStartsPolesWinsTop5sTop10sDNFsLaps CompLead LapLaps LedRaces LedAvg StAvg FinDNQWD
Ward Burton272652375527539410717646419.2520.3460
Dave Blaney184102163450266521512124.6026.0550
Scott Wimmer810013162243029641128.8124.9470
Bobby Labonte61101813178361236920.3120.5400
Kenny Wallace470001313881113127.3424.9110
Hut Stricklin2300005626155232.3926.7810
Jeremy Mayfield1300003385836327.2332.15180
Randy LaJoie1300003351010030.2326.3810
Mike Skinner700003137110021.0032.8650
Jimmy Hensley50000274100033.0031.4010
Shane Hmiel500002127104128.2031.4000
Johnny Benson Jr30000170200023.0035.6710
Bill Lester20000044810026.5035.0010
Jacques Villeneuve20000132410016.5031.0010
Tom Hubert1000009010040.0024.0000
Geoff Bodine10000049705141.0039.0000
Tony Raines10000115500036.0030.0010
Butch Leitzinger10000011010030.0028.0000
Wally Dallenbach Jr10011090121112.002.0000
Shelby Howard10
Team Total7238528104139199235226205911427.2327.50500